Bill Fitts

Bill was chosen as one of the six most intriguing people of 2014 by Tuscaloosa Magazine. See the complete article in the Spring 2015 issue.



Born and reared in Tuscaloosa, Ala., Bill left town in 1969 and returned in 1989. During the intervening years, he married a hometown girl, earned a degree in economics from Princeton University, spent two years in the Panama Canal Zone courtesy of the U.S. Navy and four more years in the Navy Reserve, and worked in the insurance industry in New York City, Boston, and Atlanta.


When he returned to Tuscaloosa, he enrolled at the University of Alabama to take the accounting courses he needed to sit for the CPA exam (which he passed on the first try). He freelanced as an accountant while working as systems administrator at a local manufacturing firm and later at the University of Alabama.


He and his wife, Anne Gibbons, owe an odd kind of thank you to the tornado that swept across parts of the South, including his hometown, on April 27, 2011. They came through the tornado physically unharmed, but their lives were changed forever. Like others who have survived an event of such enormity, they began to assess their needs and wants, their hopes and dreams from the perspective of survivors—with the visceral understanding that life is short and the future uncertain.


As a result, Bill retired from his job as learning systems administrator at the University of Alabama in September 2011 and took up writing mysteries full time. In October 2012 he and Anne (the hometown girl he married in 1975) published He Needed Killing and He Needed Killing Too on Smashwords. The ebooks were well received and the first two books in the Needed Killing Series were published as paperbacks in March 2013. The third and fourth books in the series, She Needed Killing and The Deacon Needed Killing, respectively, are also available in ebook and print format. The fifth in the series, Who Needed Killing, will be published in the fall of 2014.


The husband-wife team collaborated on a thirty-minute film based on Bill’s first novel. The script He Needed Killing was chosen by Tom Cherones, Emmy-award-winning director of Seinfeld and NewsRadio, for his 2013 film production course in the University of Alabama’s Telecommunication and Film Department. Shot on location in Tuscaloosa, the film was produced and edited by students under Mr. Cherones’s guidance. 


Recently, Bill and Anne moved to Vero Beach, Florida, to enjoy the sunshine and the many great restaurants. But Bill is working on NK6 and finishing the long-awaited sci-fi novel, The Song of Narne (out in September!).

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