Vikki Grodner's Book


December 2018


A extraordinarily sweet and fun picture book

December 22, 2018

'Baby,' written by author Vikki Grodner is one of the sweetest children's books I've read in a long time, and it is a perfect book for family to read aloud to young children. The book addresses a young child's desire for independence and being more grown, while still wanting to maintain the status of being 'baby' of the family. It is fun and intimately loving. Illustrations by Melissa Shultz-Jones are also exceptional.

—Carolyn Breckinridge

You can purchase Baby here

About the Author

Before becoming a children’s author, Vikki Grodner has spent her life exploring many creative outlets. Currently she is building a lifestyle brand that examines the connection between home, family and place. But she has attempted to have her largest impact in her familial role and capture those relationships in her writing.

About the Illustrator

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