Jana O'Brien's Books

Granger's Girl

Cover illustrated by Tony Sturgis


List Price: $15.99, PB

414 pages

May 2017


Set in Virginia, in the Appalachian hills, colorful characters make up this lighthearted, humorous, romantic and touching story of family and friends, coming together, and working through the hard times. They learn that home isn’t always where you’re from, but where you make it. Family isn’t always who you’re related to, but, who’s there for you… and how being needed is sometimes all that you really need. 

Jerry Granger, 59, was the man every man wanted to be. He seemed to have it all. But,  following the untimely death of his wife, he felt he had lost everything. Becoming withdrawn and depressed, he turns away friends and family, even his own son and brother. 

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Teague Road

Cover illustrated by Tony Sturgis


List Price: $15.99, PB

390 pages

November 2018


Teague Road, in Liberty Creek, Virginia has been the setting for the Granger's Girl series. It is on this quaint little dirt road, tucked in the Appalachian hills, where so many memories have been made. A road dating back to 1835, it has certainly seen its share of excitement. Karen Townsend and Roy Granger have grown up on this road, living there all their lives. Their families have lived on this road for generations; Roy's family even cleared the trees that made it. Karen is finding out that not everyone is very supportive of her relationship with Roy and his family. Unsure how to handle this, she struggles to make sense of the situation. While she and Roy are trying to get past this, the usual chaos is taking place across the road, at the Grangers. And, Jason and Lexi Connelly, down the road, have begun turning to Roy and Karen more and more. Teague Road has seen enough over the years, to know that this is just another turn in it. The Grangers, Connellys, and Karen will figure everything out, and the journey will, undoubtedly, be an interesting one.

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About the Author

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Jana O’Brien began writing short stories at just nine years old. Her love for reading inspired her to write her own stories, and before long, poetry and song lyrics. She has recently begun work in screenwriting.


Although she loves writing most anything, she discovered her calling as a novelist in 2014. Her passion for history is often expressed in her writing. In addition to her work as an author, Jana works in the film industry with several acting credits, as well as credits as an assistant director and script supervisor.


Born in Dallas, Texas to a military family, Jana moved all over the U.S. in her youth, but was raised primarily in the Southeast—the setting for much of her work. Jana currently lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with her children.