Pamela Wight and Shelley Steinle 

Pamela S. Wight writes fiction for children and adults. She is the published author of The Right Wrong Man and Twin Desires, and pens a popular weekly blog called Roughwighting (

She teaches Creative Writing classes in the Boston and San Francisco Bay areas (

Shelley A. Steinle is a freelance artist who has done both commercial and fine art commissions. Her ink drawings have sold in galleries and shows and have been published in Legacy of the Land by Carol Lee, Mills and Memories by Joan Prall, and the Baltimore Sun. She resides in Maryland (

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Review of  Birds of Paradise

Bert and Bessie, sparrows hatched into Paradise, soon learn that even Paradise has dangers. Bessie gives in to fear and becomes a recluse.  Bert frolics heedlessly until he has a close call with a cat. He and Bessie decide to help each other with their problem.  Together they discover how to balance the joy of living with necessary caution. This story can help children do the same in their own lives. New things will be discovered at every reading and children will delight in the illustrations.

Aileen K. Henderson,

author of The Horses of Lost Valley (Young Adult book)

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