Set in Virginia, in the Appalachian hills, colorful characters make up this lighthearted, humorous, romantic and touching story of family and friends, coming together, and working through the hard times. They learn that home isn’t always where you’re from, but where you make it. Family isn’t always who you’re related to, but, who’s there for you… and how being needed is sometimes all that you really need. 

Jerry Granger, 59, was the man every man wanted to be. He seemed to have it all. But,  following the untimely death of his wife, he felt he had lost everything. Becoming withdrawn and depressed, he turns away friends and family, even his own son and brother. 

When a lifelong friend realizes the severity of Jerry’s situation, she convinces Jerry’s brother to come home for him; soon, Jerry’s son returns home, as well. Rather than just curing one man of his problems, they find they are three men, each with their own problems, all trying to co-exist. 

When a young lady wanders up one day, in search of work and a place to stay, things begin turning around for everyone. They find themselves resolving things, as well as being presented with new, unbelievable situations.

Granger's Girl

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