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Welcome to Borgo Publishing, an independent book publisher offering a variety of book production options. We can design your book interior and cover, as well as provide additional services (editorial, illustration, proofreading, indexing, and photography) to complete your project. With 35 years of book design experience, we keep on top of current trends in the industry to increase the market value of each book. Most importantly, we provide an outlet for non-profits to tell their stories at a very competitive rate.

Borgo Publishing has most of its books available at Ernest & Hadley Booksellers, 1928 7th Street, Tuscaloosa. They would be happy to send copies of these books to you by contacting

If you are interested in publishing a book through Borgo, please see the information we will need about your book on the Contact page.


The Iñupiat of Northwest Alaska over the Past Millenium 

Douglas D. Anderson

May 30, 2023

List Price: $35.00 PB; 45.00 HB

288 pages, full color

With the publication of The Iñupiat of Northwest Alaska over the Past Millennium Douglas D. Anderson gives us a magisterial synthesis of his more than six decades of Arctic research and fieldwork. His books, monographs, and articles have illuminated the human history of Kotzebue Sound’s shores and rivers, revealing a rich tapestry of Iñupiat cultural development and adaptation, an adaptation that encompasses the exploitation of marine, riverine, and terrestrial resources within the region’s complex and changing ecosystem.  In assembling this impressive volume Doug gratefully acknowledges the seminal contributions of his mentors and colleagues, principally Helge Larsen, Froelich Rainey, and Louis Giddings.

              —from the Foreword by John R. Bockstoce

Anderson final cover.tif

To Lose One's Soul

Exposing the Apostasy of the Religious Right

George Chumney

August 1, 2022

List Price: $11.50 PB

76 pages, black and white text

To Lose One’s Soul offers a collection of biblical meditations designed to clarify the blatant disparity between the faith that these folks profess and the political views that they espouse. Focusing attention on the practical implications of Scripture, Chumney challenges America’s white evangelicals and white Catholics to repudiate the pundits, politicians, and preachers who have led them astray and to rediscover what it means to follow Jesus.

Just Front cover.tif
Just Front cover.jpg

Time, Space, & Object

Life in the Field

Ian W, Brown

August 1, 2022

List Price: $19.95 PB

192 pages, full color text

Combining memoir and diary accounts, Ian Brown examines five decades of personal archaeological research, especially regarding life in the field. Contained within this volume are a multitude of happenings that characterize most if not all fieldwork experiences, but seldom do they enter the final reports of excavations. The book is dedicated to Brown's many students because without them the adventures either would not have occurred or have been as colorful.

Kudzu on the Ivory Tower

From the Backwoods to an Academic Career

in the Deep, Deep South

Evan Peacock

August 2021

List Price: $22.95 PB

268 pages, full color text

Educated meets Dispatches from Pluto, but with more explosions. The story of an unlikely journey from a poverty-stricken upbringing in the Mississippi backwoods to a career in academic archaeology. Along the way one encounters homemade cannons, untethered nuclear bombs, zombie cheeseburgers, country music sycophants, demonic rodents, screaming wood, mechanical butts, grease sandwiches, ancient artifacts, and the deleterious consequences of racist thinking. Ultimately a story of love, family, and the redemptive power of education, Kudzu on the Ivory Tower is "a mélange of Franklin's Autobiography, Rousseau's Confessions, Chateaubriand's Memoirs from Beyond the Tomb, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

Kudzu front cover.jpg
Still Rambling cover_edited.jpg

Still Rambling at Sixty-Nine

An Archaeologist's Memoir

Ian W. Brown

July 2021

List Price: $17.95 PB

148 pages, full color text

When Ian W. Brown retired in June of 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic was running rampant. The isolation that resulted from abrupt social distancing provided him with ample time to contemplate a life of doing archaeology in an academic setting, and how this came to pass. In sixteen essays he muses upon growing up in the late 20th century, touching upon subjects as wide ranging as "Home (A Short Story)," "Early Work," "Confessions of a Book Buyer," "Academia (I never Planned to be a College Professor)," "Games and Sports, a Preparation for Life)," "Life's Incidentals: The Drive-In Theater, The Circus, and the Fair," "The Point of Dancing," "What Do I Believe?" and many more, ending with his personal assessment of "2020-The Year of the Pandemic."

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