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Catwoods, Volume 1

Stories and Studies of Our Feline Companions

List Price: $23.95 PB 

364 pages

July 2019

Catwoods Volume 1 is about a couple who rescue, adopt, and love cats in their deep woods home in the southern US. These cats are all such original characters that they make every day blissful, giddy, poetic, or even somber, the way the moods and phases of real life unfold. Leah Alford observes domestic felines indoors and later studies wildlings like foxes and raccoons who live outdoors amidst the glowing, dense leaves of the Appalachian jungle. This heavily researched volume covers cat coat color and cat genetics, color in nature, cat behavior and affection, multi-cat home dynamics, feral cats, spay and neuter, radial hypoplasia cats, black cat rhapsodies, and more. This first volume extends into the year 2004 and revels in the natural world, the luxuriance of birds, insects, and yelling frogs. Covering many decades, Alford also writes of art, music, and writing in a changing South.



Certificate of Excellence

by the Cat Writers' Association



Muse Award

by the Cat Writers' Association

About The Author

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Leah Alford has lived with cats for decades and has been studying and writing about cats, animals, and the natural world for many years. She has published a book of her experiences, Catwoods. She began drawing and painting in early childhood and writing at age 12. She has a 1971 BA in English from the University of Alabama. While she worked in a hectic t-shirt printing business and later, weathered a serious chronic disease, her art and writing was published in small art, nature, music, and literary journals. She lives with her husband and animals in the deep woods near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, near a creek. She is a Professional Member of the Cat Writers' Association.

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