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Sam Bowman's book

My Birding Adventures with God

​​List Price: $11.95 PB 

84 pages

August 2019

As a youth Sam dreamed of becoming a wildlife biologist, but because of his struggles as a teen in the 1960s he never became one. Years later God was kind to Sam, and through his birding hobby, indirectly fulfilled his desire in truly marvelous ways.

My Birding Adventures with God traces Sam’s steps from a novice birder to an expert, from a socially inept person to a well-rounded individual who loves to share nature with others. This book takes the reader into a world of great birding, while also letting them see into the spiritual life of the author. It is written from the heart. Some stories will make the reader laugh and others make them cry. A bird photo is included with each chapter as well.

Most of the stories take place in Alabama, but there are others from Florida, Minnesota, and Texas. Near the end of the book there are four nature songs Sam wrote to entertain children (and adults), along with directions to birding hotspots in the Tuscaloosa/Northport, Alabama area.


Sam Bowman has been finding solace in nature all his life. He is an expert birder and an avid gardener. In his book, My Birding Adventures with God, he has invited the reader into his private joy of seeing and hearing birds. He finds spiritual fulfillment out in nature, with one-on-one conversations with God ... Birders will appreciate this book. 

—Dwight Lammon, Birding Class Instructor for OLLI at UA


Having experienced the spiritual dimensions of birding myself, I found this delightful little book inspiring and affirming. Sam’s discovery of God’s plans for him through birding is heartfelt. Local birders will especially appreciate his tips on birding hot spots near Tuscaloosa. 

—Mary Burke, Birder


If you are a birder you may recall that early bewilderment and hunger for knowledge and guidance about the local birds in your area and the best places to find them. I am so grateful to have had the pleasure and good fortune of meeting Sam Bowman on one of my early birding outings, and to discover his delightful book of heartwarming and often humorous stories. I have gained so much from his mentor-ship, not only from reading of his adventures, but also by having the chance to know and bird with such a kind, creative and generous soul.                                                                   —Becky Daly, Birder


A delightful mixture of Sam's life and his birding avocation. It provides insight into the world of birding, and Sam's enthusiasm is contagious. Written from the heart.   

—Kenneth B. Melvin, Author


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About the Author

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Sam Bowman is an avid birder, finding nature a wonderful place to meet with the Lord. For five years, he headed his local Christmas Bird Count. Since 1996, he has completed routes for The North American Breeding Bird Survey, a joint project of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the Canadian Wildlife Service. As a retired clinical laboratory scientist, Sam is relieved to finally be out-of-doors, pursuing his hobbies of birding and bird habitat gardening.

My Birding Adventures with God is an interesting combination of a man's extremely open memoir related to his early and mid-life emotional trials and the ways he meets these, his on-going awe of the ways his religion interfaces with his life experiences, and in particular, how these manifest themselves through his birding adventures.

—Carolyn Breckinridge, Author


A lovely combination of memoir, nature observations, and reflections on the divine, My Birding Adventures with God is engaging, readable, and uplifting. The author is honest about disappointments and disillusionment as well as joys and fulfillment. The book describes his journey to healing and forgiveness and peace—and becoming the hoped-for naturalist that he longed to be from childhood...  Highly recommended for those who find God in nature—or would like to learn how. 

  —Nancy Campbell


I liked this book very much for the easy flow of the writing. I am a truly amateur birder so I learned many bird facts I didn’t know. I enjoyed how he incorporated his love for God all throughout!                                                  —Marjorie S. Williams


I just finished Sam's book, My Birding Adventures with God. I found it to be well written and very interesting. I loved how God always gave Sam the desires of his heart, even ones Sam did not know he had. It was very encouraging and uplifting. 

—Linda Barry


I have just finished Sam Bowman's book and enjoyed it very much. I was especially touched by the way God interacted with Sam during his birding adventures and taught Sam how much he was loved.                                                                    —Janie Ray

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