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Archaeology and Gravestone Studies.

Ian Brown

Second Creek Archaeology, 2019 (with Daniel LaDue)
Marking Graves in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama: The Musings of a Teacher, 2016

The Petite Anse Project: Archaeological Investigations along the West-central Coast of Louisiana 1978–1979, 2015
Time Travelers in England:
American in Search of Salt, 2014.
The Red Hills of Essex, 2013.
Above and Beyond the Pale: A Portrait of Life and Death in Ireland, 2013.
Bottle Creek Reflections: The Personal Side of Archaeology in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, 2012.

David M. Johnson, Jr.

Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts, 2017. Second Edition, 2019

William Edward Myer

Edited by Donald B. Ball

Stone Age Man in the Middle South and
Other Writings, 2014.

Donald B. Ball

Chiefdom on Cumberland: 

The History and Evolution of

Middle Tennessee Archaeology, 2015.

Ian Brown and John M. Connaway

Certain Studies of European Trade Bells  in the Southeastern United States, 2023.

Ian Brown and Vincas P. Steponaitis

The Peabody Man: Jeffrey P. Brain, 2010.


Ian Brown

Time Travelers in England: American in Search of Salt, 2014.
The Red Hills of Essex, 2013.

True Crime.

Donald Brown

Mr. X and Mr. Y, 2016
Gruesome! A Novel Drawn from True Crime, 2014

Fantasy/Science Fiction.

Erich Wildgrube IV

The Empress and the Archer, 2018
The Empress's Quest, 2020

Children's Books.

Susan D. Lambert

Clarence the Clam, 2013.

Pamela S. Wight

Illustrated by Shelley A. Steinle

Birds of Paradise, 2017.
Molly Finds Her Purr, 2019.

Paula Wildgrube

To CATch a Thief, 2019.


Ian Brown

Still Rambling at Sixty-Nine, 2021.

Evan Peacock

Kudzu on the Ivory Tower, 2021.


Donald Brown

On Deadline: Columns by a Southern Editor, Relevant Today, 2015.


George Chumney

To Lose One's Soul: Exposing the Apostasy of the Religious Right, 2022.

Vikki Grodner

Illustrated by Melissa Schultz-Jones

Baby, 2018.
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