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David Thomas Roger's Book

The Evolution of a Naturalist


List Price: $12.45, PB

100 pages

April 2016

This is the story of a journey from a nomadic World War II childhood to a variety of involvements in Latin America. Studying bird migration in Panama, Belize, and Guatemala led to tour guiding, teaching, exploring, and national park politics in several countries. It is a story of successes and frustrations while trying to accomplish what this author loves.


About the Author

David "Tom" Rogers is a retired biology professor from The University of Alabama. He earned his B.A. from Huntingdon College, M.S. in zoology, and Ph.D. in ecology from The University of Georgia. He has authored thirty papers in various research journals, and has been an invited participant at natural resource conferences in Honduras and Guatemala. In addition, he has been a sponsored lecturer to the biology faculty at La Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala. In 1988, Tom was awarded the Alumni Achievement Award from Huntingdon College.

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