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David Johnson's Book

Handbook of Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts

Second Edition

List Price: $42.95, PB

520 pages

January 2019

This comprehensive guide is an archaeological ambassador, bridging the interests and needs of amateurs, students, and professionals and assisting in their valuable efforts to discover and preserve Alabama's archaeological resources. Alabama's diverse projectile points and other artifact types get concise and thorough treatment in this paramount book, as each example is eloquently brought to life with full scale photos, geographic distribution charts, and descriptions. While interesting to the collector, this work is grounded in archaeological theory and method. Archaeological site protection is critical and this work will help instill this value in a wider audience.


About The Author

David Johnson is an avocational archaeologist. He works for the Alabama Department of Transportation. David is a private property owner that found archaeological sites on his property and had the good fortune of coming into contact with professional archaeologists that took the time to encourage and educate him in the proper procedures for recording and documenting his finds. Through this process, he saw a need for this information to be available to others like himself in order to provide this same information to the general public. This led to the creation of Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts, a project that was only made possible by the cooperation provided by the Alabama Archaeological Society and its members.

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