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George Chumney's Book

To Lose One's Soul

Exposing the Apostasy of the Religious Right

August 1, 2022

List Price: $11.50 PB

76 pages, black and white text

A question that Jesus posed to his first-century followers in Galilee remains relevant to his twenty-first century followers in America: “What will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their soul?” Recently, members of the Religious Right have enjoyed unprecedented access to the corridors of power, but at great cost. George Chumney regards their Faustian bargain as one of the most dangerous problems facing America today.


To Lose One’s Soul offers a collection of biblical meditations designed to clarify the blatant disparity between the faith that these folks profess and the political views that they espouse. Focusing attention on the practical implications of Scripture, Chumney challenges America’s white evangelicals and white Catholics to repudiate the pundits, politicians, and preachers who have led them astray and to rediscover what it means to follow Jesus.

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About the Author


George Chumney is a retired Presbyterian minister. In addition to his pastoral duties in a handful of small-town churches, he has also worked as a middle school history teacher. He has a brilliant and beautiful wife, two wonderful children, and four delightful grandchildren. 

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