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Paula Wildgrube's Book

To Catch A Thief front cover.jpg

To CATch a Thief

A Mayor Tom Mystery

Illustrated by Alexis Jones

List Price: $12.50 PB

64 pages

February 2019

Ages 4–8

The small town of Bugtussle, Alabama wakes up one morning to find a note taped to the front door of the town hall stating that the duly-elected mayor has resigned and left town. Later that day, a neferious character in a pin-striped suit shows up with a bill of sale for most of the town’s public spaces including the beloved Chessie Mae Memorial Park as well as Lake Pop. That evening, at the hastily called town meeting, dairy farmer Old McDonald, makes a bold suggestion that leads to the election of the best mayor that the town has had in 100 years. Follow along as Mayor Tom and his entourage of four-legged friends solve all of the town’s perplexing problems.

About the Author

Paula Wildgrube.jpg

Paula Castleberry Wildgrube was born in Demopolis , Alabama and attended Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri. In 1986 she moved to Princeton, New Jersey and married the love of her life, Erich Otto Wildgrube III. Paula and Erich raised four amazing children, all of whom were educated at home by Paula.


Paula and her family live in the one and only Tuscaloosa, Alabama where she and her son Erich IV run Zoe Home School (, a ministry of Soma Church of Holt, Alabama. Over the years, Paula has enjoyed the company of a variety of furry friends. Her current friends Tango, The Professor, Baggy, Tyler and Steve are the protagonists of the Mayor Tom Mysteries.

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