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China Memories

Journal of an Archaeologist in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River in 1999

Ian W. Brown

University Press of the South

Fall 2019

List Price: $20.95 PB

180 pages

These memories derive from a journey that the author took in China in February and March of 1999 as a member of the Zhong Xian Archaeological Project. His trip largely focused on the province of Sichuan, but several days were spent in and around Beijing. An archaeological study of salt was the purpose of the expedition, but in the process of traveling hither and yon, Dr. Brown experienced life in China that was undergoing major changes, both in urban and rural areas. The account is extracted directly from his detailed diary and offers many insights as to how local peoples reacted to a team of strange archaeologists that happened to wander into their lives.

The Quiet Heart

A Foundational Guide to Inner

Healing and Deliverance

Susan Bowman

March 1, 2020

List Price: $12.95 PB

148 pages

Proverbs 4:23 warns us to guard the heart with all diligence because the springs of life flow from it. But what is this heart the Bible speaks of? How can it be guarded? What are springs of life? Recent developments in the fields of neurocardiology and psychology are supplying answers to these questions. And, as unlikely as it may seem, the latest scientific developments support what the Bible has long proclaimed—that whatever is believed within the human heart determines the course of a person’s life.


Weaving together science, psychology and scripture, The Quiet Heart, explains how God designed the human heart and how that design has been hijacked as a result of the fall. The author, a seasoned prayer minister, offers field-tested tools and strategies to help you discover what is hidden in your heart. It teaches how to recover your heart and train it to align with God’s truth so that you may enjoy a healthy and meaningful relationship with Him.


Topics include the human spirit, soul and heart; the fall and deliverance; spiritual warfare; generational considerations; learning to hear from God and more. This gentle and practical guide to inner healing and deliverance offers step-by-step instructions along with written prayers. Thoughtful research, combined with years of experience, makes The Quiet Heart a must read for those seeking peace with God, themselves and others.

Signed copies available at Ernest & Hadley 

Booksellers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


The Empress and the Archer

The Empress' Quest, Book 2

Erich Wildgrube

February 19, 2020

List Price: $13.50 PB

216 pages

Leeta has returned to the land of Velicorte with the fabled Archer of Queen City himself Henry Ian Daniels. Now the two begin their quest to save the land of Velicorte from the evil machinations of Esau Moncrief and his demonic familier Thatch. Along the way, they will unite with old friends and new on their way through the countryside towards the final confrontation at the Castle of Gilead itself.

Signed copies available at Ernest & Hadley Booksellers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Library Girls of New York

A Secret Place

Carolyn Rhodes

December 1, 2019

List Price: $15.99 PB

112 pages

65 black/white and color photographs

Library Girls of New York is a true story, a recollection of growing up in an unusual place. The author lived inside an apartment in two New York Public Libraries with her Mom and Dad and two sisters from the 1940s to the 1970s. 

Signed copies available at Ernest & Hadley Booksellers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

See Carolyn's video interview with the TPL Local Author Series below.


Molly Finds Her Purr

Pamela S. Wight 


Illustrated by Shelley A. Steinle

October 15, 2019

List Price: $17.99 HB

Ages 3 and up

32 pages, full color

Molly the Cat is lonely. No matter how hard she tries to make friends with birds, they all fly away from her. Even other cats don’t seem to like her. Friendless, Molly has no purr. But a wisecracking squirrel opens Molly’s eyes to a world in which friendship comes in all sizes, shapes, and species.


This delightful tale with dazzling illustrations sparkles with sweet insight that makes all readers purr with pleasure at the end.

Watch Pam Wight on the YouTube program, Be My Guest.


My Birding Adventures with God

Sam Bowman

August 2019

List Price: $11.95 PB 

84 pages

As a youth Sam dreamed of becoming a wildlife biologist, but because of his struggles as a teen in the 1960s he never became one. Years later God was kind to Sam, and through his birding hobby, indirectly fulfilled his desire in truly marvelous ways.

My Birding Adventures with God traces Sam’s steps from a novice birder to an expert, from a socially inept person to a well-rounded individual who loves to share nature with others. This book takes the reader into a world of great birding, while also letting them see into the spiritual life of the author. It is written from the heart. Some stories will make the reader laugh and others make them cry. A bird photo is included with each chapter as well.

Most of the stories take place in Alabama, but there are others from Florida, Minnesota, and Texas. Near the end of the book there are four nature songs Sam wrote to entertain children (and adults), along with directions to birding hotspots in the Tuscaloosa/Northport, AL area.


Catwoods, Volume 1

Stories and Studies of Our Feline Companions

Leah T. Alford

July 2019

List Price: $23.95 PB 

364 pages

Catwoods Volume 1 is about a couple who rescue, adopt, and love cats in their deep woods home in the southern US. These cats are all such original characters that they make every day blissful, giddy, poetic, or even somber, the way the moods and phases of real life unfold. Leah Alford observes domestic felines indoors and later studies wildlings like foxes and raccoons who live outdoors amidst the glowing, dense leaves of the Appalachian jungle. This heavily researched volume covers cat coat color and cat genetics, color in nature, cat behavior and affection, multi-cat home dynamics, feral cats, spay and neuter, radial hypoplasia cats, black cat rhapsodies, and more. This first volume extends into the year 2004 and revels in the natural world, the luxuriance of birds, insects, and yelling frogs. Covering many decades, Alford also writes of art, music, and writing in a changing South.


Certificate of Excellence

by the Cat Writers' Association

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