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As a youth Sam dreamed of becoming a wildlife biologist, but because of his struggles as a teen in the 1960s he never became one. Years later God was kind to Sam, and through his birding hobby, indirectly fulfilled his desire in truly marvelous ways.

My Birding Adventures with God traces Sam’s steps from a novice birder to an expert, from a socially inept person to a well-rounded individual who loves to share nature with others. This book takes the reader into a world of great birding, while also letting them see into the spiritual life of the author. It is written from the heart. Some stories will make the reader laugh and others make them cry. A bird photo is included with each chapter as well.

Most of the stories take place in Alabama, but there are others from Florida, Minnesota, and Texas. Near the end of the book there are four nature songs Sam wrote to entertain children (and adults), along with directions to birding hotspots in the Tuscaloosa/Northport, Alabama area.

My Birding Adventures with God

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