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The land of Velicorte has known peace for more than a hundred years, but with the death of the Emperor that has been thrown into chaos. This story follows the young Empress to be Leeta Shepard, as she and her faithful steed Sampson, attempt to unite the land against an invasion of Druids and their Goblin allies. Along the way she is joined by General Silas Goldfeather, The Emperor's oldest confidant, and Jeremiah S. Wolfwood, a roguish barkeep. Leeta's only hope, however, lies in the fabled "Archer of Queen City" a hero of legend, prophesied to save her people from their most dreadful foe. Alongside this tale lies that of Henry Ian Daniels a young man from a world much like ours. Along with his best friends Anton and Dinah, Henry works at the local movie theatre and is training hard for the local Queen City archery tournament.

The Empress and the Archer

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