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With the publication of The Iñupiat of Northwest Alaska over the Past Millennium Douglas D. Anderson gives us a magisterial synthesis of his more than six decades of Arctic research and fieldwork. His books, monographs, and articles have illuminated the human history of Kotzebue Sound’s shores and rivers, revealing a rich tapestry of Iñupiat cultural development and adaptation, an adaptation that encompasses the exploitation of marine, riverine, and terrestrial resources within the region’s complex and changing ecosystem.  In assembling this impressive volume Doug gratefully acknowledges the seminal contributions of his mentors and colleagues, principally Helge Larsen, Froelich Rainey, and Louis Giddings.

                                                —from the foreword by John R. Bockstoce


For well over 60 years Douglas Anderson has been studying the past and present people of Northwest Alaska. He has made many contributions to the archaeology of the area, especially on Cape Krusenstern and at the Onion Portage site, but I believe The Iñupiat of Northwest Alaska volume is truly his magnum opus. 

—Ian W. Brown F.S.A., professor emeritus, University of Alabama

The Inupiat of Northwest Alaska over the Past Millenium

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