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Combining memoir and diary accounts, Ian Brown examines five decades of personal archaeological research, especially regarding life in the field. Contained within this volume are a multitude of happenings that characterize most if not all fieldwork experiences, but seldom do they enter the final reports of excavations. The book is dedicated to Brown's many students because without them the adventures either would not have occurred or have been as colorful.


From the Foreword by David H. Dye—Time, Space, and Object is that rare look into the world of archaeology from the perspective of someone who has kept note of the important as well as the minor events and has recorded their impressions with a critical eye. By allowing us into this world, one to which non-archaeologists are rarely privileged to enter, Ian Brown shares with us those moments of discovery and joy as well as those times filled with disappointment and frustration. I eagerly await the next installment of these insightful musings and ponderings of a modern-day archaeologist who chronicles a slice of the archaeological world and skillfully weaves the story of how archaeologists investigate and interpret the ancient past, warts and all.

Time, Space and Object

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